Free Intranet for company

Current version: 4.0
Release date: 06-04-2017
Next version: 4.1

The latest version of free internet 4.0 Currently, work is underway on version 4.1

Free Intranet


Intranet is designed to facilitate the company's internal communication between employees, separation of duties and taking care of the timely delivery of orders.

Task management

Add new tasks, distribute them to employees, check status, intranet allows you to split tasks into short and long term. Distribute tasks to appropriate departments.


Keep statistics on the work done for each of your clients. By intranet, all information will be within one click. Create monthly, annual, full or abbreviated reports. Show what kind of work you do!

Notes / reminder

Save your notes, keep all the information at hand. Assign notes to relevant departments or write to your client. Are you forgetful Intranet has reminders.

Client, assign me the task

The customer does not need to call to place an order or report a problem, just set up an intranet account and can now report problems online and you will receive email notifications.

If you have a problem or you just do not know how to implement a free intranet, I can do it for you, but it will be paid depending on the size of your environment. slawek@linux-user.eu)