Free Intranet for company

Current version: 4.0
Release date: 06-04-2017
Next version: 4.1

The latest version of free internet 4.0 Currently, work is underway on version 4.1


I recommend downloading the latest version. In every new version, errors are fixed, which contributes to better system performance.

WARNING with the 3.1 version, I will stop adding partial updates to download from the website.
Further updates ie 3.1, 3.2 up to 3.9 will be available for download directly from the intranet menu System . Only the 'big' versions 4.0, 5.0, and so on will be available for download from the web site. At the same time, there will be no ability to upgrade from 3.9 to 4.0 from 4.9 to 5.0,

#NameRelease date Version DownloadNumber of downloads
1.Darmowy intranet2017-04-064.0 Pobierz1198
2.Darmowy intranet2016-05-083.1 Pobierz1273
3.Darmowy intranet2016-03-143 Pobierz1238
4.Darmowy intranet2014-11-222 Pobierz1585
5.Darmowy intranet2013-12-031.5 Pobierz1389
6.Darmowy intranet2012-09-161 Pobierz1374


To run intranet we need a computer / server with Linux installed (not tested in Windows environment).
Additionally needed:

  • Web server: Apache, Nginx or other
  • PHP min. Version 5.3.3
  • MySQL database min. Version 5.1
  • Some disk space depending on how much data is stored

  • Web browser (checked on): Firefox, Opera, Chrome
  • Connect to a local network
  • Since version 3.0, I have completely relinquished modules written in java , so there is no need to install java on workstations

In heavily loaded environments, I also recommend installing a 64-bit system and 4 or more GB of RAM.


Since version 3.0 the installation is done from a web browser.
Unpack the source in the appropriate path (www) of your server.
Grant appropriate access rights to your intranet source files; most often, just change the owner and group of files to apache or www-data depending on your system.
Open your web browser and enter the location of the intranet source files eg
Follow the installer.

WARNING! Please read INSTALLATOR messages .

In older versions, edit config.php and specify the data needed to connect to the previously created database.


Start your web browser and enter the URL in the URL bar eg (Depending on network configuration and web server).
The Intranet has a default user demo with the password demo123 (administrator rights) and client with the client123 password.
After logging in to the above mentioned user for security purposes, add your new account and delete the default account.
If all goes well, you can start using your free intranet right now!

If you have a problem or you just do not know how to implement your own free intranet , then I can do the same for you, However, it will be a paid service depending on the size of the environment (if you have questions about paid intranet deployment then please write to slawek@linux-user.eu)


Thank you to all who contributed to the development of the free intranet.
First and foremost, the company ITProjekt Bydgoszcz , which agreed to the free hosting of the site darmowy-intranet.pl .
If you are using a free intranet , please send me a feedback, both critical and flattering slawek@linux-user.eu.
Your feedback will help you further develop your free intranet.